Sunday, September 6, 2015

USA Should Not Welcome Refugees From Africa and Middle East

It is easy to feel sorry for the mass of people fleeing their native lands, willing to risk death to get out and move to Europe. Their desperation is evident from the deaths we see in the news and no one can avoid being touched by the bodies of the little children.   It is undeniably tragic but it is not in our national interest to accept the burden of tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of refugees. If you disagree then please explain how it will benefit the United States to accept this tidal wave of of immigrants from the middle east and Africa. Clearly when looked at from the selfish perspective of good for us or bad for us in terms of the economy and our culture this mass of mostly Muslim people is not good for the US of A in any way shape or form. Many, perhaps most, of them will prove to be hostile to our culture, our liberty and our general secular values. This same situation is face by the nations of western Europe and they had better wise.

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